What Makes a Great Musician?

You can have two people with similar musical ability, playing the same instrument but they receive a completely different reaction from the audience. Also, some musicians train every day, become extremely good at manipulating their musical instrument but when they play, they hardly evoke an emotional reaction from the audience. This begs the question, what makes a great musician? In this article, we will look at some of the things which make a musician great.


They Have Enough Confidence

Great musicians are always bubbling with confidence. A confident musician puts all his/her effort to ensure that an event is a great success. Without confidence, no matter how talented he/she is, any musician won’t be able to perform his/her level best. Due to the lack of confidence, they will be singing with uncertainty, nervousness, and they will be unable to showcase their talent. So, don’t miss out and learn on how to increase self esteem


They Are Enthusiastic


Without enthusiasm, a musician won’t be able to entertain and bring the liveliness in the audience. You can predict a musician’s level of enthusiasm by watching the energy in their performance. If the musician is not enthusiastic about his/her singing, they may spoil an event. This is because they won’t appear convincing and thus, won’t be able to bring life into the show. If a musician is enthusiastic and passionate about his/her singing, he will always work hard to bring out the best.




A great musician is one who can adapt to the place where the event is happening. Being able to adapt to and changing their singing style helps to keep the event successful and lively. For instance, if the audience is made up of elderly individuals who like songs from the 50s, 60’s etc., he/she should be able to deliver. If there are people who love pop, classical or jazz music, a great artist adapts to the party mood easily and sings relevant songs according to the audience’s mood.


They are Committed and Have a Clear Connection


Commitment is one of the primary qualities that every great musician has towards their work. He is committed to delivering a good show and that’s what he does. Also, a great musician has a clear connection with his inner musical language, making it easy for him to express it. He can tap into his energy and reach a greater audience. Not so great musicians have a blurred connection. They can play instruments well but if their notes aren’t connected to their internal music language, they won’t be able to deliver.


These are some of the qualities that make great musicians. With these qualities, a musician can create compelling music and produce a show that everyone will love.